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Result of Published Papers

Result of Published Papers for AY 2011

2011년 논문게재실적(2012년 대학정보공시)
College/Graduate School Domestic –KCI Level International – SCI Level
College of Architecture 4.8Papers 0Papers
College of Business Administration 21.8Papers 1.9Papers
College of Engineering 116.3Papers 69.4Papers
Graduate School of Education 3.5Papers 0Papers
College of Design 6.5Papers 0Papers
College of Social Sciences 26.7Papers 1.9Papers
College of Human Ecology 20.8Papers 1Papers
College of Medicine 147.9Papers 428.1Papers
College of Humanities 53.5Papers 0Papers
Graduate School of e-Vehicle Technology 0.1Papers 0Papers
College of Natural Sciences 15.9Papers 35.7Papers
Total 417.8Papers 538Papers
  1. In case a paper published by 1 author, the author receives 1 point(Equivalent to 1 paper).
  2. In case the authors are more than 2 persons, the main author receives 2/(N+2) points, and the sub-author 1/(N+2) points.
  3. In case the authors are more than 15 persons, the N is calculated as 15.

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